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  1. Evernote seems to be inserting blank spaces in front of links to Google Docs documents (see screenshot). I'm using Evernote (just upgraded) and don't recall seeing this issue before. Does anyone know if this is a bug that was recently introduced and if there's any workaround?
  2. Thanks gazumped. I'm using the Window app so I don't think nuking cookies would work. Uninstalling and reinstalling might but I'd prefer to avoid that if possible. And, yes, being more careful is always better ... would have helped me to not disable the prompt in the first place too.
  3. Thanks @gazumped. Yea, I couldn't find anything either. I'll hold off on tweeting to EvernoteHelps to see if someone else on the forum might know but thanks for letting me know about the tweet option.
  4. I inadvertently turned off the confirmation prompt when you're deleting a tag and would like to restore it so that I don't accidentally delete a tag. Can anyone tell me how to do that?
  5. >> 1) what were some of the use cases where you would find mobile access to be useful? Two use cases for me: (1) I have Evernote installed on my computer and my phone - this reaches the two device limit of the free account. I very occasionally (once every couple of months) need to use Evernote on my iPad. Being able to sign into Evernote Web for that would be useful. (2) Being able to access Evernote from someone else's tablet (iPad, Android, etc) to quickly check something, record a note, etc without needing to install Evernote. >> 2) were you using evernote (and the mobile web client) more the two years back when they blocked all access to the mobile WEB interfaces (one simple html, the other javascript)? I have been an Evernote user for more than two years. Not using the mobile web client though - I have always used the application installed on my computer and phone.
  6. Thanks @gazumped. I'll keep my fingers crossed that the new version will support mobile browsers!
  7. Thanks Ellen. I added the suggestion: Mobile Browser Support for Evernote Web. I put it under the Web Product Feedback section as that seemed more appropriate.
  8. It would be great if Evernote web supported mobile browsers. I realize that the fact that it doesn't currently is intentional as per the Devices FAQ but for people that need to log into Evernote on a mobile device occasionally but don't want to install the app or can't because of the device limit, this would be a nice feature.
  9. Thanks for the reply DTLow. Requested the desktop version and was able to log in. I couldn't do much though as the notes wouldn't seem to scroll.
  10. I'm trying to log into Evernote on my iPad using Chrome but there doesn't seem to be a "Sign In" link available in the menu - only "Sign Up" and "Download Evernote" . Screenshots attached. Is it possible to login using Chrome on an iPad?
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