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  1. Well, that's interesting. I'll have to try that. I think the whole thing (annoying errors in the web version) is just to push the user away from using the web platform and onto the desktop version. Which of course would count as one of your two free installs on the free tier and thus, perhaps, push you into upgrading to the subscription plan.
  2. I've got two notes that are fairly large in size. 11 MB and 23 MB. In each of these notes, I have text and a number of .png screen capture images. Many (not all) of these images in each note are not showing up. Basically, they are not getting loaded when I scroll down the page. This happens in both the new and old web view. I know the images are there because of the broken image placeholder. I can right-click on the broken image and view the image in a new tab, just not in the note itself. I have not seen this issue when using the Windows desktop application. Just the web application.
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