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  1. Thank you, TK, I did but there is no significant better situation. I searched re-indexing and found some users with similar problems (and really not many documents). It seems I trusted evernote too fast and will try to move the documents to another software/service. Really difficult as my family just begun to move <200 mails to evernote per day. Seems that evernote officials don't want to be disturbed by users?
  2. Evernote is actually the slowest application on my Mac. <https://www.dropbox.com/s/8hu3bpe6tt1hr8x/Screenshot 2018-03-10 13.06.37.png?dl=0> As you will see if you spend 5 Minutes on youtube Is this a normal behavior or should I do something to have a better result?
  3. Since ??? I got and get every synching the report that there are problems with 5 files. That were mails I forwarded to E for archiving. Months later I deleted these notes/mails. But the report didn't stop. I contacted support and reindexed how they told me to do but no success. And now I want to do something what really works. Plan to delete the local saved database and recreate them from cloud. Alternative: to delete Evernote from laptop and re-install later. Nevertheless I don't like to have all documents local, it wastes storage capacities.
  4. Thank you very much. I'm working on a MacBookPro (Sierra 10.12.6) and with Evernote 6.12.1 (455453) GE version. Very helpful! Will try to recreate the indexes first. Difficult to find out what file is the database. There are a lot of files and directories Library - Application Support - com.Evernote.evernote - accounts - www.evernote.com - 58881584 - <https://www.dropbox.com/s/9fj16pi995pddto/Screenshot 2017-09-10 08.29.41.png?dl=0> Is there any idea how to find out what file is really the database? And are there any help-documents about how to handle?
  5. Only this question. And maybe where?
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