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  1. While editing a particular note, and doing lots of big edits at the same time (say replacing a whole lot of data at the same time), suddenly an error message shows up saying "Couldn't save the note [note title]" upon Evernote web, when it automatically tries to save the note. (Screenshot attached) Due to this, I've lost a large chunk of data from that particular note which I edited, as when I reloaded the note, the old data was lost and the new edits were not saved. This issue needs to be fixed. Possible solutions: 1) Either auto-save should be disabled and notes should be saved only if user clicks SAVE button. (Which is quite limiting the already available feature, not recommended) 2) Note edits should be stopped while evernote is trying to save the instance of note over web. (Another limiting solution, not recommended) 3) Note edits should be stored as cache so that even if the data connection (internet connection) is lost or if there is some error in saving the note over web, the data is retained over the web page which the User then can use again for saving the note after solving any saving or syncing error. Is any other solution possible for this problem? I must say, the problem is quite frequent in my case, as there are lots of big edits over one single note from one single login, without stopping for evernote to save the note. Do share your views.
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