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  1. Ok, the problem is now solved. You can close this discussion. I have done anything but now I'm receiving the e-mail correctly...
  2. Good Day, during the last week, using the latest version of Evernote in my Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016), when I create notes with a reminder set on them, I don't receive any e-mail on the day where the reminder is set. The option in the control panel of Evernote, under the tab reminders, is obviously set on. I'm using the latest version of Evernote and there are not updates. The e-mail is not in the spam and i've not active filters in my Gmail account. Please can you help me? Maybe is a bug of the latest version. I'm using the Evernote Widget in my phone, for adding notes and reminders on them. Thanks a lot for the support. Best regards, Niccolò Patriarchi
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