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  1. Hey Everyone, Maybe I am missing the point of this discussion, and perhaps it is because I came to it late. But I am able to left click on a PDF and select the option "Annotate this PDF." I can chose "Annotate a Copy of this PDF." While annotating, I can read the document (though with imperfect resolution), marking, highlighting, writing, When I close this annotated document, the note appears in an abridged form - which highlights my annotations! This way I review the document as I see the note. The innate annotator does have a few limits. It cannot annotate an encrypted PDF - but I guess that is why you encrypt them. And, this is not Foxit. I decided to hold off on the Foxit reader for the time being as I have another PDF reader (Drawboard) that I am accustomed to using. Now I can use Drawboard to create a longer visual document, and Evernote to annotate this. Here is an example of one document, easily marked and annotated in Evernote. http://www.evernote.com/l/AjWAezKN8cFOEYQWxSVtOWpyvFMLl9KtKP8/ Excellent reading. ~Velo & Paix, Travis
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