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  1. Please consider an improvement to Evernote regarding the overall file size in terms of bytes for images stored within notes. Some images might get added to a note simply for viewing the image at a later point in time, and for this viewing-only purpose, the image doesn't need to be stored within the note using an amount of storage bytes that is a larger than necessary. Perhaps there can be an option to optimize the image in terms of the overall file size of a stored image. Here is one scenario I encountered that resulted in a 1.4 megabyte image within a note: Using the built-in camera
  2. I hadn't realized the system had limits. I have roughy 1,000 contacts in Outlook. Should I put all 1,000+ notes from the contact section into one notebook named "Outlook-Contact-Notes", for example, and then use tags accordingly?
  3. I have a Microsoft Exchange account, so I am using Microsoft Outlook to interact with this Microsoft Exchange account. I have lots of contacts within Outlook, and many of these contacts have notes typed in the notes field within the contact record. Is there any intelligent way to have each of the outlook contacts that contain notes to become a new Notebook within Evernote, then with a new note in Evernote to contain the notes from Outlook?
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