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  1. Problem: I want to organize Evernote in such a way that I have as few root directories as possible, wich minimizes scroling. After using Evernote for an extended period of time I ran in to the problem of having to scroll through my stacks to find the one Im looking for, this is a tedious process on mobile, where searching for the right notebook is not as fast as when using a keyboard. Solution: My solution to the problem is to enable stacking of stacks. Think of it as levels in a bookshelf, where each level represent a different category of books. This would enable you to represent different areas of your life, making the select syncing process easier (say you want to only sync job related notes on your work PC). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Visual representation of "Stacks in Stacks" Bold text represents top-level stacks, which represent areas of my life "•" represents Sub-stacks "◦" represents Notebooks ■ represents Notes Education Highschool Grade 1 All notes for this grade Grade 2 All notes for this grade Etc. University Year 1 Math 101 All Notes for this course English 1 All Notes for this course Etc. Year 2 Math 102 All Notes for this course Etc. Certificates Personal Recipes: Vegan Vegetarian Standard Projects TODO Shopping List Receits Etc. Resources Programming C# Links Python (Job) (2017) ([Project Name]) Ect -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please let me know what you think of sub-stacks (Stacks in stacks). What would be a good name for this feature? Shelves? Super-stacks?
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