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  1. I have a similar problem with the old version of Evernote web that i like because of the possibility of viewing a complete list with detailled notes titles of each notebook on the right side of the shortcuts and notebooks column, and as that function is not available in the new Evernote web, as far as i know. In the new version, wich is working normally, i can only see the first words of each note title in the left column and the search of a specific note without having a keyword is more difficult. I'm using ChromeOS, and since the stable version 56.0.2924.87 of Chrome, as on the recent 56.0.2924.101 stable version, i have the following problem. When i open the old version of Evernote web, the notebooks and notes are showing up the right way and when a notebook contains only a few notes or no more than one page, that's between 20 to 30 notes titles depending of laptop screen size, i can reach each one of them by clicking on it. But when a notebook contains lots of notes and when i have to scroll down the list of note titles to reach one of them down below, all the notes disappears, and as a result i only have a blank page with just the left shortcuts and notebooks column remaining. At this stage, the application is no longer responding and i have to restart the app. So, when i have lots of notes in one notebook and when the one in need to reach is far down, i cant' reach it in the old version of Evernote web and i have to use the new version. I have the same problem on differents Chromebooks using ChromeOS, i've cleared caches, uninstall Chrome extensions and apps, restarted all of them and the web app several times, "powerwashed" the Chromebooks, logged in and out and i think i tried everything but nothing works. I would appreciate your help. Many thanks.
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