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  1. When I select several notes to print, I can't control the printing order. It's meaningless to print multiple notes in random order.... Now, I have to print each note to PDF, and then use adobe to combine them by my preferred order. I hope Evernote could print multiple notes in flexible order, just like Adobe reader shown below. Also, it'll be great if Evernote could add page numbers to the printed version. Probably design some auto-scripts for adding page number after PDF file made. Thank you!
  2. I'm using Windows 10 with touchscreen laptop. I like the Sketchpad in Windows ink spacework. A lot of features including eraser, touch writing, etc.. is not available in Evernote ink note. I wonder if the development team could integrate the Windows ink spacework into the ink note. Also, if I can add the text typing from keyboard into ink note, that'll be great. Say, I can add text box into the ink note. Sometimes, I need to type a paragraph of words into the ink note. Thank you!
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