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  1. Dave in Decatur, that sounds lie what happened to me. 2bejoyous, Thank you! I am now way more joyous though not too joyous! My main use of this phone is to take notes at meetings. It was a real stinker to have that fail.
  2. 2bejoyous, When you say 'keyboard' do you mean the one on the screen? How do I select the handwriting option? Thanks, I'm with AT&T and they did a big 'upgrade' that appears to have confused some of my routines.
  3. I was having great success since last spring using text note with the stylus on my Note 4 to take notes that converted to text. A few days ago something changes so I can only do that in the title part of the note but when I go to the main note area it only lets me draw or use the keyboard. This change makes Evernote generally useless for me. What happened?
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