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  1. Well, that's not at all what I was looking for. So I basically got directed to the wrong people yet again; I have the same ***** run-around from my mobile phone carrier. Pisses me off royally when people and computers do that. I already tweeted to Evernote; they haven't responded.
  2. That's exactly what I am trying to do, contact Evernote support. That's how I got led to this forumn searching for Evernote's tech support contact info. Why else would I be posting here in the official support threads? I searched through Google and was directed here.
  3. Except I have no issues installing any other apps through Google Play, only Evernote. And yes, sideloading still defeats the purpose of having Evernote in Google Play and is not supported by app developers. The question is not whether my tablet can download anything; I tested that multiple times before posting here. I also tested my wifi connection; no issues there, either. The issue with the SD is a known problem in Android 5.0 and not simply a problem with this tablet. I am not an idiot. There is no reason to do a full hard reset of my entire tablet; the issue is solely with Evernote.
  4. No, and I have no intention to; that defeats the whole purpose of Google Play and is not supported. I need to install it through Google Play otherwise there's no support and no updates.
  5. No, you don't understand. I am not trying to install it back into my SD card and it's not possible to install straight onto the SD card; apps can only be installed to internal memory then moved to the SD. I am just trying to install normally because I had previously moved it to the SD card and for some reason this tablet has a bad glitch where it will suddenly unmount the SD card randomly and all the apps that have been moved to it become unuseable. So that glitch happened to me and now I am trying to just re-install evernote normally and I can't; every time I press the "Install" button in Google Play, the app store app crashes immediately.
  6. After having an issue with the SD card on my tablet, I tried to reinstall Evernote but every time I hit the "Install" button, the Google Play store app crashes. Please help!! I can't find anything like this anywhere on thr internet!
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