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  1. Thanks. Was just at a different position with the cursor, problem still exists after I double checked with the same font
  2. Hi, I'm using a 24" external dell monitor through a D3100 dock which are driven by a macbook pro w/ touch bar. All my evernote text on the latest version is having anti aliasing issues and its a pain to read text on. When I move the evernote window to the macbook's native display it looks fine, but anytime its on the external it shows as jagged text. Evernote is the only application I'm having problems with regarding this issue
  3. +1 This is driving me nuts. On Windows I don't think I have this problem but on my mac the auto-close when losing focus on the PDF view is ridiculous. I'm trying to take notes to summarize and study from later and highlight as I read if I need to find a specific entry again. Please fix Workaround: open note taking page in a browser and use Evernote Mac app for annotation
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