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  1. Never did get this sorted - still crashes. Works ok on my tablet so use that if I have to...
  2. No major changes or anything I can really identify. I can't be specific about the date this started happening because I don't use Evernote every day but between 31 Jan and 6 Feb. I've run Evernote on this PC for a little while and had no issues. My tablet runs Windows 10 and I've seen no issues with that. Windows logs don't show any problems. I can't contact support because unfortunately I'm only on the free version but perhaps I'll dig out my twitter account & try. Thanks for your help
  3. Hi, many thanks for that info. > 1. ensure Evernote not running I had to kill Evernote processes in Task Manager (otherwise 2. said in use) > 2. rename databases folder to databases.old Done > 3. Log back into Evernote Opened Evernote & entered password. Evernote closed down at this point Reopened Evernote & it opened ok & spent some time syncing. When that was finished I opened an existing note & tried to enter some text - but once again at that point Evernote crashes & closes down
  4. Problem with Evernote on Windows 10 - Every time I add a new notebook or add anything to an existing notebook or note the application (v 6.4.2) crashes. The second I type anything or paste anything you get an immediate crash - the application just closes with no error messages. Everything used to work ok until about a week ago. I've uninstalled the application (including uninstall with Revo uninstaller) and reinstalled but the problem remains. Installing on another PC everything works fine. The web app also works ok. I've tried installing an older version but still get the same problem. Windows 10 sfc scan shows no problems, virus scan shows no problems, no other applications have a problem.... Not sure what to try next. Any advice welcome!
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