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  1. Given Evernote aren't interested in supporting Android as well as iOS devices (the Android scanning App is significantly worse than the iOS one and updates appear to have taken a long time to reach Android after iOS historically), I'm not too hopeful they'll sort out a decent Google Assistant integration in the near future. I've used Evernote for many years and often suggested other people try it, but I'm now keeping an eye out for other options. It looks as if Android users are second class users as far as Evernote is concerned, and the Evernote product seems to be stagnating.
  2. Thanks @GuyB I've taken a look at Scanbot and it's by the far the closest I've seen to Scannable. I'm going to keep using it for a while and see how it goes. @DTLow it wouldn't be difficult to adjust to if I could find a decent Android app. Scanbot may fit the bill. Something like 50% of the other ones I've tried don't even automatically remove the background, and doing that manually is quite time consuming.
  3. Thanks for the response @Dave-in-Decatur. By this point I've tried a lot of scanning apps, but I don't think I've tried Text Fairy, I'll take a look. I'm really struggling without Scannable! I used to bore my family and friends with the wonders of Evernote, but this really feels like a make or break few weeks for me. I now have a scanning backlog because I can no longer pick up the phone and just deal with it. I can't understand Evernote's lack of interest in addressing this. If I'd started using their service whilst using an Android phone they'd have lost my subscription years ago! What I'd like to do is save all my document scans to PDFs (never to images), and 99% of the time I don't want that processing that removes the natural image colour (I think it's supposed to make the text easier to read). I'm not too bothered about OCR, I have a detailed tagging system and use descriptive note titles so have never had issues finding items. If anyone else has any other app suggestions I'd love to hear them.
  4. This seems to have regressed, I have no option to scan to PDF ? I've just switched from iOS to Android and I'm hating the Android Evernote experience so much it's got me reviewing Evernote alternatives. Why does Evernote hate Android so much? Can anyone suggest a decent Android scanning app? I've tried loads and none of them are as good as iOS Scanable was.
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