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  1. @jim.g Great! Way to be rude! I know that Mr Obvious. I just started. I wasn't looking for an argument but I was looking for a solution without having to take pictures of my notes and just write in the app so I don't have to do a million things. I'm a student that is hardworking and VERY BUSY. Give me a break.
  2. jim.g: got the point. But seriously doesn't change the fact he's ignoring that it's been brought up so many other times. So people care about it. And how does he know if "most Evernote users" aren't majorly interested? Can he really make that assumption based on his (guzump's) personal opinion?
  3. Thanks for the heads up DTLow. @gazumped, no offense but what makes you think that "every one of Evernote users" hates this idea? You shouldn't categorize people together like that. If it's been raised before, then people do care. Maybe it won't "up stick" new users but they won't know unless they try. Frankly, there are many people in the world that need this type of organization (not that you seem to care about what they want) You said it's "the oldest and most discussed to death" topic. Wow. So not only do people care but now you're saying forget it because people or rather "you" are
  4. My idea is that Evernote add Notebooks. Notebooks can have sections and then the sub category under sections is pages. Like OneNote so that there are unlimited Sections within a notebook and unlimited pages within a section instead of Evernote's add a drawing feature. I would also like to see different tips (pen, pencil, marker, highlighter, fountain pen), different thicknesses in mm (0.5, 0.7, 0.9, 1.0), lasso (cutting feature), stroke (for lines) and small, medium and large erasers. Different colors for pens would be great in a pinwheel formation. I'd like the ability to type
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