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  1. Hi Everyone, It seems checklist (at least that that's what I've notcied) aren't showing correctly on Evernote (iOS) recently. I've attached a screenshot in which you can see the checklist is showing if the items are checked or not, but as in code (true or false) instead of the box on the left of each item. Has anyone else experienced this lately? Strange thing is the note preview on iOS shows the check boxes no problem, but once I open it it loses it intended format. Same on the Windows app for this note. Thanks
  2. Same issue here, pretty much when I open Evernote on iOS it asks me to sign into iTunes and the web clipper in Chrome keeps logging me out as well (I think it happens every time I close Chrome). In the case of iOS I already deleted and installed it back because when Evernote 8 was out the app wouldn't open. In Chrome, I also removed the extension, installed it back but still the same. I'm guessing that there is a connectiong between the iTunes sign in on iOS and the clipper in Chrome (I'm currently using it in Windows). Since this seems quite widespread, and I didn't have this issue before I'm more inclined to believe that it has to do with the latest version of the app and not my connection, firewall, etc.
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