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  1. Thank you for the good Hint. Before asking for more Power i should open the Hood and look for the Details Beside "Saved Search" i noticed a Filter in the Notebook View, which gives me exact the Results of Date based Search
  2. On my Mail Client i use the Filter Function to group Mails to find recent Mails Quicker. Tags and Notebooks are the big Picture, but my Evernote fills up very quick and sometimes its hard to get back to a newer Note which hasn't found its Way to get tagged or booked yet As Evernote saves creation Dates (probably changes Dates) of Notes, it would be great to have a Search Tool that creates Ranges like "today", "this Week", "last two Weeks", "this Month" and so on. Then going on with further searching within the given Range. (please let me know if this is already possible by entering a Stra
  3. Web Content which is captured as "Page" or "Article" can be very distracting to view afterwards. Would be great to have a Function that extracts Text (either selected Manually or automated / suggested) and Pictures / Tables / Links into a simplified View.
  4. Duplicates come in either by Distraction, followed by clicking "Send to Evernote" again or just not realizing that its already captured Duplicates increase the Size of the Database (and so the Energy Consumption) plus they could be distracting when working on both of them by mistake, creating different Versions. A Duplicate Finder could return a List of Notes (just like any Finder for Files, Photos or Addresses on Desktops) and offer to keep either the newest File or the most attractive to the User
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