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  1. this is ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE! if this is how they want to move forward, then they need to improve on how they detect devices. I restore my iPhone about once a month, and each time I sign into Evernote on my iPhone after restoring, it thinks it's a new device, even though it's NOT, I've just restored the iOS software on it. This is terribly unfair!
  2. Hi, i use Evernote religiously everyday! One of the most beloved features for me is SEARCH. With each iOS update, it seems like the ease and functionality of the Search feature diminishes more and more. I would like to see the Search feature improve, please! Before, searching would jump to the result, it no longer does this. Please bring back this feature! It is very difficult to scroll through miles of notes while scanning for a highlighted result. Also, I have been asking for a 'find next' option within the Search feature. To my surprise, this is a hidden feature of the Desktop application, so I see that it's totally possible with Evernote. Would be nice to see this implemented throughtout all Search features on all platforms, not just hidden. PLEASE!! &thank you!
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