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  1. This is the same with me. I have been al long time pro user but I guess I willl not renew.
  2. I am only using the legacy version on the Mac. IOS seems to work.
  3. Not using Evernote for important notes because of this too. I do not consider the problem solved as long as nor way to retrieve the lost notes is shown. Currently I am nor opening a ticket as I am reading that others' tickets did not get an answer.
  4. Asking for feedback and not responding to 5 pages of detailed and mostly friendly input is a way of communicating that I find strange. Why does Evernote run this forum and ask for feedback and then not give any answers? A simple statement like: "we have understood the problem and are working on it" would be sufficient. I am using Evernote professionally and always thought EN is run by professionals. This communication strategy is not. I have recommended EN to a lot of people in the past. I will stop doing this after reading this thread.
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