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  1. I install and reinstall and still it is pretty hopeless. I am using the latest v8.0.4 on iPhone 4. I click and count as it opens a text note. I write and wait to see a sentence typed out some time later. Only Evernote is slow on my iPhone. I have had no option to look for something which works and start to migrate my files... I was happy with Evernote 7 which worked well. Can I have it back, please? Great features, apparently. Evernote you really need to test your products properly before releasing them. I hope you read your pages. Shortly I will have given up.
  2. Evernote 8 is currently poor on my iPad Air 2, unusable on my iPhone 4. In UK friends and colleagues have a similar problem - it does affect just a few users here as claimed! I have been a happy user of Evernote for four years. The latest promotion says it is faster than ever! Who would upgrade?? I hope this is sorted out - I need this for work too so in a week, I will have to look for an alternative :-(
  3. Thank you. If have any specific links I would be grateful. Unfortunately, with so many people having problems, I hope Evernote sorts it out before it does them considerable damage.
  4. My iPad Air 2 is very slow and I have tried re-installing to no avail. But my iPhone 4 is almost too slow to use and I have updated to the latest version 8.03 in the hope this might have improved! Not only is it slow but it freezes. This has been re-installed too. This should have been sorted out before release. Evernote was the best thing around. Is there anyway getting version 7 back?
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