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  1. This is phenomenal news. Thank you. Any ETA on rollout (even if just approx?) Thx -- MM1
  2. Hi: I am a huge EN fan and have been for years. the recent update to 8.0 is great, save one critical issue: Several notes will not display the text/body of a note. The headline / name appears, but where the body of the nte should show, all it shows is "Start writing." Oddly, the body of these notes shows in the EN app for Mac, and also in the snippet of the nte in card view on iOS. I use a notebook named Call & Mtg Notes for work each day. I now have 5 notes I need in the coming week for remote meetings and need to see the body of the note on my iPad. Anyone havi
  3. I am having the same problem and it is a "critical path" issue for me. The "body" of several notes is empty when displaying on iOS. This happened with the 8.0 upgrade (which is otherwise great!) please help. I need this fixed for the start of the work week
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