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  1. Well, I don't know either. I went to get you a screen shot and I only see one general Evernote and a second one for 'android wear'. Maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me. Thanks anyway.
  2. I went to the Google Play Store to download the Evernote app, but there are two versions on that site. Which one am I supposed to use?
  3. imho that's just too many. I am enclosing the screenshot, because I assume knowing the version will be useful, but guess what? Now all my stuff is there - the article from today and all the old ones, too. Go figure. Thanks.
  4. Wait - how many 'versions' are there? How would I know the difference? And thanks for your help so far.
  5. Today, just now, I clicked to save a news article. When the little Evernote dialog showed up, I noticed it did not have the little window at the bottom where I could select what tag to use and which notebook/topic to put it in. So I went to the web version (the only one I have, I am on Ubuntu), clicking 'log in with google' button. And while the article I got today was there, *absolutely* nothing else was. I went through the help triage, and found the one about missing content. It suggested that I might have created a new account rather than accessing the old. That seemed to fit perfectly, but when I looked at my account, as this faq also advised, it showed I had been a member since 2017, so this does not look like a new account mistake. I used to have a premium account on my Windows machine, but both of those are long gone. I also had the Evernote app on an old android phone of mine, which I recently reset in order to give away, but surely that's not the cause of this issue - no end users would ever be able to change, replace, or upgrade their devices. I don't know what the next move should be. Thanks.
  6. I'm coming to the end of my first month with EN. I am a premium subscriber. I have for Windows Desktop on Windows 10 Anniversary Update Insider. Yesterday, EN stopped recognizing return or backspace at all and thinks delete is right arrow. This happened on the web and on Windows, but seems to be limited to text files I copy paste in. This might be unrelated to this thread but I don't see what sort of hidden codes would be in a text file that would make EN not respond to these keys. I can type letters normally. All other keyboard features work normally in my word processor and in the web. Highlight, right click and cut does not work on these text files either.
  7. Well, a year and a half later, I just accidentally deleted an attachment off a note I had just explicitly dug out of the trash to rescue! I was going to add some reminder notes to it when, sure enough, I accidentally hit the backspace and poof! It was gone, nowhere to be found. That's what brought me here looking for a solution. I AGREE WITH THE STATEMENT THAT ATTACHMENTS ARE TOO EASY TO LOSE! That said, I am using the web version but I a a premium user so hopefully when I get back to my Windows machine all will be right with the world. That does not change my view, however, that this was just a little too easy to do accidentally. We don't need an 'are you sure' - just putting it in the trash where it can be recovered would be enough.
  8. I am a new evernote user as of yesterday, so this is my first post. I am using Evernote on the web. I didn't see how to undo the bullet list so I could fix it or start over, so I went searching for help and ended up here. My complaints would only be repeating what others have said about the bullet list. What I find shocking is that this has been going on for at least 4 years when the original post on this thread started, and apparently for some time before that. That is definitely not a vote of confidence. Someone said - maybe three years ago - that the fix is harder than it looks. Perhaps. But 3-4 years? You make it seem like fixing this is harder than creating the whole program to begin with! Clearly this is simply not a priority to management - or perhaps they've given up but don't want to tell anyone. Either way, a piss poor way to treat both product and customer.
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