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  1. I am deleting my account - the updates, the crashes, the repeated need for my iTunes password - today was the last straw - it crashed during in important presentation - I reloaded it later in the day - now I get friggin pop ups every time I click on a note to try the Presentation Mode and use Google Drive - and it will NOT go away. I've been a long time user - but you guys ruined a good app
  2. My notes are taking HOURS to sync with my iPad mini - and it is a pain - it is disruptive to working meetings - please someone fix this update
  3. I do not like the update - it takes FOREVER to sync to my iPad Mini and half the time - the content of the note never shows up. I miss the presentation mode - it was idea for quick business meetings using the iPad mini instead of lugging around other technology. I miss the view bar on the side (like I have on the Mac) to filter by tag or notebook more quickly. Not a fan of the update - and I've had to use Word (omg) files as back ups so I don't loose content.
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