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  1. Thanks I tried in landscape and it does swipe down, I needed to be much more precise on the keyboard line. Thx David
  2. Attached is a screen shot on my iPhone. When I said long list it is only about 20 items - certainly not over an A4page The keyboard gets in the way of reading the whole message and I don't know how to get rid of it! I can't scroll down or drag the text up (or down)! On windows 7 the evernote web page has a Help & Learning option (image 2) clicking that takes you to the help section (image 3) searching for activity log (image 4) tells you to go to Help . Activity Log and then the circle is complete. (won't let me upload images because I have exceeded .5Mb and won't let me delet
  3. I love evernote but it only seems to work for small notes, I have a long list of things I need to remember and when I look back (on my iphone or desktop (windows)) I can only access the first part of the note. I have now tried to find help using google and help file - frustrating. 1) there is no help> activity log 2) Help menu contact just takes you to a loop preventing you from getting anywhere. I have been through countless circuit menus always getting back to the same place. CBA Have decided just to uninstall and use a doc file on dropbox which serves the sa
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