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  1. I have tried all of the other options and found nothing approach the performance of Atlas as it allowed you to see large numbers of individual notes arranged in a special fashion that made management of territories extremely easy and efficient. I find it hard to believe that less than 1% of users found this feature beneficial.
  2. I don't think it will allow multiple note locations to be displayed. Really need to get this in the mobile (places) functionality.
  3. I too am desperate to see the return of Atlas and Places to Evernote. My use will continue to decline until such time as I can find an alternative that offers me the ability to see the spatial location where I have entered large numbers of notes.
  4. I have long used and promoted the use of Evernote for Sales Professionals. It was my Go To application so that on each sales call (cold or qualified) I would enter a note (into a Notebook call Weekly Sales Calls) and use a Tag indicating the week# and year. When using my MacBook I could view all my notes in the Atlas feature. When on the road I could open my iphone or ipad and where ever I was located - I could open the Places view to see my current location relative to notes from sales calls in the same region (city or county). I was able to then maximize my sales call efficiency by returning
  5. I understand which forum I have posted in. The issue is that whether in my Windows Tablet loosing the ATLAS functionality or the IOS forum and discussing the loss of the PLACES functionality on my iPhone or iPad - your most recent revision has DESTROYED the Utility of your software. Have you any suggest App providers that can offer this functionality by accessing my Evernote GeoTags???
  6. I can't express how frustrated I am to see that Evernote 8.0 eliminated the last vestige of the Best Evernote function - Atlas! At least on my iPad and iPhone I had the utilities of seeing the Places of all of my notes (once Atlas was eliminated from the Windows version of Evernote). When working with in a specific city county or region I could use those note place markers to remind me of previous client visits and opportunities to follow up on. It is now impossible to mine the data stored in my EverNotes that would previously had made me more efficient in calling on clients and following up
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