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  1. since 2 comments are about tags, what are the most effective 1-3 solutions for tags that are very good? https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/112831-whats-the-methods-ways-systems-of-tagging-that-has-actively-been-updated-within-the-last-6-months-need-link/ tag-related https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/280-organization/
  2. @TK0047 the fist link was confusing, what is about basically? if it's about 'getting more value about your notes' - i understand how to do that tho it doesnt solve the problem -- unsure if you were already updated on the tag-related info/content - https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/280-organization/ tho i dont understand how tagging solves this problem if tags solve this problem, what is the effective tagging system for many many notes/info? i think at the current point all we are at is this -- 'agree that finding [specific pieces of info] among [much info] is a difficult problem' at this point, and at the point of my post, there needs to be -- actual -- solutions to move forward and for to be any -- actual -- progress to the specific problem stated in the main
  3. g is a ton more than that 1 thing, it's a lot of things, it's not one of the top 2-5 companies by many factors/metrics/standards/datapoints/etc. in this entire universe for nothing anyhow solutions & most helpful needed such as something to learn that basic thing of _universe as a highly limited workaround to this grand problem of search -- and finding your info
  4. goal: when you have you find something specific within your many notes problem: and you dont remember where you put this specific thing in your many many notes overall problem: this is call the infamous searching problem that plague many current softwares after all these years and decades how other things do it - when you google something non-exact, the results are based on relevance - when you wiki, well that's only about factual types of notes/info and it doesnt even work that well, unless you memorised everything (in which case you then dont need a info/note saving software or a computer to memorise for you) - when you youtube, oh... oh f!#&# that s*(U$% that's a f($%)$ mess of a site hahahahhah the solution is much more targeted search i dunno of anything atm that has good targeted search - one way someone said is to 'keyword/tag within your note' - such as _universe - and you search exactly _universe to find that specific section/info - this is basically 'creating a keyword/tag/special word' - downside is you have to remember many 'special words' since you'd need many of them - many other limits/prblems such as you copy/paste to share or anything cos those 'tags/keywords' are in the way - find-replace could also f)($*%_ it up accidentally, and that would completely mess up the entire 'decent/ok/meh' way of searching for -- 'specific things' within your many mnay info/notes' - but i guess you typically would do exact find-replace so that one wont be a problem (onenote has no good find-replace, dunno if evern has find-replace across all notes) as already said at top, the problem is many many notes/info (and dunno what the good solutions are) 1. what are the most helpful specific blog page or video to learn something basic like this to help find your info? 2. and what other most helpful resource are there to learn basics that would be helpful? experienced users would know of good sources since they watch/read them to keep learning and growing and making things better (like evern does... ?) , so please link to a specific video or page so i can review it and see if it's good or helpful
  5. oh creating 'very specific keywords' on specific parts of the notes didnt ever think of that... ok definitely need to best guides/blogs/videos out there for this stuff to read/watch and learn these basic things
  6. "enter your own tag text" how? is there a (good) guide? i dont understand how this works * tag search via the 'tag button' doesnt seen to work within the content itself * regular search just does regular text search, also doesnt 'jump'/'go' to the relevant ones this means notes cant be very long, the solution seems to be to keep very very short notes, but that could already be done in onenote and many other things * problem is have longform (long) notes on onenote, * going to keep longform (long) notes in some undecided software?? no idea currently -- a really really good link to a good taggining system/method is good also (updated within last 6 months)
  7. tagging in-line is needed for tagging to be useful/helpful * you cant do 'tag within the content of the note yea? 'in-line tagging' * if you cant this means you have to keep very short notes, so you wont be able to find anything via search or tag * some things could ‘tag’ the title tho this isnt needed since evernote can search 'within title only'
  8. a good search would have * [checked] searching ‘only within titles’ * [doesnt seem possible] searching within specific parts of the content (such as tagging within content, but tagging adds additional tho it seems needed) * [doesnt seem possible] search results shows the title an the relevant content of the note, * [checked] search results should be fullscreen (not a tiny box where relevant info is hidden like onenote) * [checked] links has to be editable to not clutter up search (for example dynalist can’t do this) unless there are better ways of getting to the same end goal instead of the above ways good search is important and seems to still be the biggest failing point among many things
  9. * evern autocompletes your tags, doesn't it? to prevent missepllings mislabellings * tagging needs the additional step of 'tagging' every single time, ever single note, even if it's just a quick note....
  10. tested, seems a bit different from the past download desktop version or use web? any links to any significant differences? if i were replying to posts, i'd search evernote and copy/paste w/e is relevant --- 'Each note is a container storing files of any format as attachments. My notes contain word processing documents, spreadsheets, pdfs, images .... ' - hmm that does not appear to make much sense to use something only to store 'external-type content' or 'external attachement' - im going to use notes just as notes, as containers for textual info (text-based info) - and the key part is beign able to get near-instantly what is needed (onenote is limited in this, let's see how ever works out given extensive extensive extensive info) - i guess others are using code editors -- and that takes care of the searching info problem, but i want the 'rich formatting text' taht's why,... - 'but I mostly rely on the tags.' - had replied over at the tag post
  11. would tagging be needed / helpful / useful for anything since ever has 'syntactical search'?
  12. on http://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/search_grammar.php this is a broekn link http://dev.evernote.com/doc/cloud/chapters/searching_notes.php
  13. looks like tagging is the way to go, since the search syntax ever has does not appear to be any better than onenote (it has more specific searches but these are all useless) -- i do all kinds of notes/info if they're important enough, but to see of a good way that is already well-known out there maybe it would be easier/simplier to just see what are the 'types'/kinds/forms of notes/info here's my draft of the kinds of notes -- http://talk.dynalist.io/t/uses-at-what-step-or-stage-info-is-at-preliminary-notes-on-notes-at-what-class-or-use-of-info-are-these/2225
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