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  1. Still no Atlas option as per October 2019. We have to use IdeaPlaces with double the size of the apps with all our notes/photos/... on our devices. Please bring back an option to see all our notes geolocalized on a map.
  2. Dear Evernote Team, Will you ever bring Atlas view or an equivalent back to Evernote? I am currently using IdeaPlaces app as this function was removed a long time ago from EN but please bring it back. This workaround doubles the space needed on my device. The fact that all notes can be individually located in EN but that we cannot see all of them as before makes absolutely no sense to me. At least please explain to us why you are not putting this feature back to the application. Regards, David
  3. Some previous issues fixed coming back with this update. The last note edited is shown for a second before password window appears. GPS location is not always saved on a new note even though connected in 4G and the GPS location is shown when entering the note. And still impossible to check notes on a map (apparently won’t ever be possible again). And as usual, EN cannot remember the last note/notebook opened and will start every time on the main page even after only few minutes out of the app.
  4. Hi All, I have noticed under iOS 8.12 and at least the previous version that my notes do not always save the GPS location coordinates. I have travelled recently to two different countries, one where I had rooming and one without. In both cases, some notes had the location saved whereas others had not saved the coordinates even though I made sure to click on the “information” button and verify a pin was dropped (either on a downloaded map or empty one). This is annoying and surprising as the only good thing at the beginning of version 8 was that all my notes had their coordinates correctly saved. Has someone else noticed that? Regards, David
  5. Still cannot believe it has not been fixed with version 8.10.1.
  6. The common thing along the notes that did not open properly with this 8.10 seems to be that they were formatted in the previous version (simplify formatting) but those notes opened normally from my iMac. I recreated a note from scratch from the computer and deleted the old one (could not do it from the phone without the app freezing) and it is ok. Regarding the web clipping, once I simplify the formatting, all text is gone and only pictures remain. If I do a “plain text” formatting, the text does appear.
  7. Hi All, I installed 8.10 on my iPhone 8 this morning. All my notes are listed but most of them only show the note title the rest being blank. At this point in a blank note, the app freezes and my only option is to force it to close. I have restarted the iPhone and evernote quite a number of time without improvements. Have others experienced this? Cheers, David
  8. Hi All, While I am not experiencing as many issues as most of you here, I am still wondering what happened with "Places" from the old version. It seems it was just removed and I cannot find a single thread on it on the internet. As if nobody was really using it. Am I the only one missing it? (I don't want to use an additional app like IdeaPlaces by the way). David
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