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  1. I emailed Evernote asking what happened to the "A-Z" listing on the side. I didn't get an answer why it was no longer there, or if it was coming back. Instead I was told that there would be made a "note that there are users who would like to see the old notebook list view for consideration of the development team." The Evernote advisor also recommended to check out this User Forum to vote & suggest new ideas. I'm also frustrated about having to scroll through a whole bunch of notes to check my "Walmart" list (at the end) to see if I got all my shopping items. I've been a member since 2008, so I have ALOT of notes & use Evernote for every aspect of my life; self, family, work, & volunteer duties. In the mean time, I might have to do a temporary fix on my own w/ or w/o Evernote.
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