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  1. 1. I would just click the new note or new notebook button, was never aware there was a local notebook option. 2. I was thinking maybe that was possible, but checked the access history in the settings and saw that the account was being accessed by the two different computers. 3. I do not receive any errors when I click the sync button on the working computer. Yes a lot of the notes on the broken computer are the same as the one's on the working computer. For everyone else commenting on recovering the broken computer, there is no way of recovering it. I should have c
  2. Thanks for the response. I see, so I checked and the notes on my working laptop are the same notes as the web version of EN. My guess is the notes on the other laptop were never able to get pushed up to the server and therefore I was always working with a local copy, and those notes are indeed gone?
  3. I've always had sync issues with evernote between my two computers, but put up with it since I only really used evernote on one of them regularly. Now that the computer with my most up to date notes is toast, I feel I have lost those notes forever. Is there there any way to retrieve those notes? I've tried to do a sync post mortem, and the sync button goes about its merry way without complaints, but no updates (extra detail: the computer with the most up to date notes always showed an error when syncing with the other computer). Clarification: Mac Book: Has old version of notes.
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