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  1. I prefer using Evernote on iPad 4. I can use an iPad and my cellphone. When I open the app on my iPad I log in. After 10 sec. the screen changes and asks my login for the Appstore. There is a screen appearing with the word Devices .Then there is a turning green circle for about 10 sec, the 2 sec the Evernote screen, then again the Appstore screen... and so on. To be able to ask for help I must do that on my laptop. But then I have 3 devices working on Evernote. It is really a mess. I re-installed all apps but no better results. I already posted this. Is Evernote going to react on this? Will they be able to take away the false device iPhone, for I do dot have one. Files cannot be sent, for on the iPad it does not work like that. PLEASE do something
  2. In the last update of Evernote is a bug. I can use Evernote on 2 devices. So I chose my Android and my iPad. But my Evernote is being recognised on an iPhone, which I do not poses. Then I make my choice of Android and iPad. The device I have been recognised on, an iPhone is in reality my iPad. So Evernote closes down my iPad account. This is not all! for if I want to react by writing the community I must first open my laptop, as I cannot react on an iPad. Then I have 3 devices, so one of the other accounts is being closed. Please Evernote. I have no iPhone. Repair the interface, so I can work on my iPad again.
  3. Evernote app crashes on launch on iPad 4 after the big update.. I reinstalled it, but it still does not work. On Android it is ok.
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