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  1. I have this exact issues with the latest update. It makes for endless scrolling even when working within a notebook. Also, the list side takes up over half of the screen space on the ipad in vertical orientation. I often work on a note with the list open. This really is a tremendous waste of screen space-- a sin against ergonomics of the first order!
  2. What happened to the "cards" view? Very difficult to navigate iPad version in vertical orientation, which is how I like to type and read. Too much wasted white space--the notes list only holds a few previews, causing major scrolling headaches through recent notes. You must "expand" a note to add a few words because the note list takes up half the horizontal space. The "action" buttons add another stripe of stolen space--these should go along the top. Do you think we all have giant fingers? There should be a more compact "compact" view at the very least. Resizeable preview pane would be
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