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  1. Perhaps. It was my assumption that the business account level would be needed for commercial applications. I know software companies generally have limitations on the free versions of their software as it relates to commercial use. This may not be the case with Evernote. However convenient that feature may be, it's unlikely to be implemented at the enterprise level. At least not in the short term. We'd have more success with getting more basic installations approved that interface solely with our internal network. And in the short term it would give us a convenient tool to track information, that for the most part doesn't exist in any standard Office software. Excellent. Thank you.
  2. I'm not certain where the appropriate place to post this would be, and I can't seem to find a contact email or support request form. I work for a large organization that currently uses other note taking software. Personally I find that software to be cumbersome to work with, and problematic in our current use. I've used Evernote in the past on a personal level and find it to be far more user friendly, so I'm hoping to give it a trial run here at work. However there are elements of the basic software that make it difficult to utilize in a project environment. I'd like to try out the business version, but I can't find enough information about it to understand if it will meet the requirements we'd have here. Here's the basics of what I'm looking to do. Perhaps someone with experience could reply and let me know if these things are possible with Evernote for business. 1. Each person works on multiple projects at a time. The idea would be to title each "Notebook" with the name of the project, and capture and track meeting minutes, project planning notes, as well as key pieces of technical information within each notebook. However each notebook would have to be saved within the folder structure of its respective project, and updated regularly from there. A centralized local drive for all notebooks would not be feasible. 2. As mentioned, I work for a large organization (~12,000 employees). Project data is often highly confidential. The idea of - cloud based - information being housed outside of the company's network, will likely be rejected. Regardless of which security protocols you use. At the very least, it's something that would have to be discussed at a high level, and not something smaller business units could implement arbitrarily. Is it possible to have Evernote for business default to being an offline tool only? 3. Is it possible to "saveas" or export to a format that can be opened by standard office software (i.e. Word or even .pdf), while still maintaining information within the notebook in an intelligible format? We store information for long periods of time. Reliable, long term accessibility needs to be considered. Thanks in advance for any assistance.
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