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  1. Many many thanks jim.g - app now functioning perfectly on both devices. Thanks so much for all your help. Mwah!
  2. aw jeez. I just went through the whole thing of having to choose 2 devices. Back to the same old. the screen that showed my choices had the first choice as iPhone(iPad) and said that was my current device, which I am now logged out of. The other 2 choices were iMac and iPad, which I chose. And all this after I did what you said above. I will come back to this later as I have an appointment. Im really appreciating all your help jim.g. Thanks so much.
  3. Worked like a charm on the iMac. Did get a new screen on iPad but tried to find my previous notes and poof - just a white screen. I will delete the app and reinstall just to see.
  4. No. On the previous screen you showed, if you hit the button that says " Choose 2 devices" a new screen comes up that says " You will now be logged out of your current device."
  5. Oops - That is the first screen to arise. Choose the devices, and then another screen coms up that says you will be logged out of your current device. and if you try it it does that and it just keeps happening. If Evernote is discontinuing the free subscription they should just say so outright. I'm now very annoyed at the amount of time figuring this out is taking, and very unlikely to upgrade.
  6. That little log out screen stops any access to the menu except to upgrade.
  7. I select my devices and continue and then I get a screen that tells me that I will be logged out of my current device, or I can upgrade. No other options. thats it. This screen about being logged out appears on both my iPad and my iMac, which i did not upgrade. Screen still appears. Stuck not being able to use either of the chosen devices. I took a screen shot but its apparently too large a file to upload here. I'd really appreciate some help with this. I don't need the bells and whistles, I don't need to upgrade. I barely use my phone for anything but calls
  8. I did the uninstall and reinstall, worked great. on opening up came a screen asking me to choose 2 of my devices or upgrade. I have no need of 3 devices, but I can not get past a sign out screen that tells me I will be signed out of whatever device I am on, unless I upgrade. I have chosen my iPad and my iMac and this screen just keeps coming up on both devices. The only way I can get to my Evernote is online, which I hate. This business is taking up too much of my tie right now - I'd like a solution so I can use my Evernote. HELP!
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