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  1. On 2/17/2017 at 0:40 PM, karahodecker said:

    Hi there. Would you mind sharing more specifics about what's not working for you in v8? I understand it's frustrating for you, but I'd like to know more about what you don't like. It's never our intent to make things worse for any user.

    Hello, it's nice to have someone who's from the time, and thank you for your time and patience listening to us! I believe that most of the users here have described all the details why we are frustrated with your v8, my main concern is just a very essential function from all versions of EN, which is the Sorting Method in the Note List Option, please get "Due & Upcoming" function back as usual, because I am a heavy user for EN as I always use it for task management (todo list), all I want is that I can sort and see my notes by Upcoming & Due in each Notebook, well, I know that you changed the function to a section called Reminders, but that's just for All Notes not for each individual Notebook, thank you! Cheers!

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  2. Thanks for your idea, DTLow, but I think otherwise, if we downgrade it by ourselves, it seems that we accept their fault, and we try to fix it and resolve it for Evernote, what we need is that Evernote to fix the problem because they charge for their service, they should make the downgrade officially NOT by us!

    This is what I thought, too pissed off now...so irresponsible for Evernote!

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  3. Team:

    I know that you've been working hard to improve all the problems for this current version, and I also noted it's been getting improved step by step, for example, you finally fixed the bug for right position to attach files in a note.

    But, the Note Sorting really bothers me quite a lot from v8, it's just a very essential and simple function from each of your previous versions in the past, the Reminder Notes work fine sorting by Overdue and Upcoming, but what I need is just like before as sorting by Overdue and Upcoming IN EACH NOTE BOOK, why don't you just remain / add the same function to the "Note List Options: Sort by Overdue & Upcoming"?!

    Please help fix it as soon as you can!


  4. Just updated the latest version today, still can't see the improvements for below two issues, which used to work perfectly from the previous v7.

    • Reminder Notes sorting by Upcoming and Overdue in each notebook.
    • Attached files from Dropbox in a note always go to the very bottom, which are not supposed to happen in v7, Dropbox files should be attached any places in a note.

    Please fix!!!

  5. Just want to leave this message for the team of Evernote, this is the worst update ever of Version 8.0, how come the newer update is worse than the previous one?! Even just simple finctions from Version 7, and you ruined them all to Version 8. First, I found that the Overdue & Upcoming Sorting function in EACH notebook does work at all. Second, I found again that I just can't insert the file on the place where I want, it always goes to the bottom but it worked perfectly on Version 7. What are you doing, Evernote Team???!!! Please wake up and be reminded we paid as a premium account!!!!!!!!!!

  6. 4 minutes ago, DTLow said:

    In the Notebook List, I see All Notes, then Reminders

    In a specific notebook, I see icons for Reminders (clock) and Tags

    Thank you, DTlow! But what I learned here is, the Remider Notes are sorted perfectly by Overdue & Upcoming in All Notes, but if I select a specific notebook, then select the Reminder (clock), and it doesn't come up with the sorting by Overdue & Upcoming for the Reminder Notes in the specific notebook, how come??

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