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  1. The next problem is to find the support mail. That was the reason why I placed my question here. I can't simply find the support mail. I have jumped around and i'm not finding a email the support. Ii think i have to take a break from this now before I delete this app for ever and walk away from my notes and pictures, and be happy that 80% that can be recreated from dropbox and other working services. Thanks for your try and your patience but this didn't work out well. I can't figur out why this had to happen from the start. I look into this tomorrow again. Aldo
  2. To my best knowledge I do. I use the linked gmail account. Dont know what to do now. I'm sad.
  3. @EdH I followed your advice and now EVERYTHING IS GONE! All notes, all,pictures etc is not to be seen What to do?
  4. Thank you very much for fast reply. It's was the 8.0 update that made it crash. Can't remember any other app update that made my iPad to start crash. I didnt do anything. Perhaps I shall not have the settings to automatic update of apps. Q: How do I avoid to loose my the content if I uninstall? Is it safe to uninstall and install? Dont feel good that a update send my iPad into crashing mode. Aldo
  5. I just downloaded last version 8.0 and the new version just krasch at start. I tried to do several restarts but a second after launch it has a nasty crash. I rum iOS 10.2 on iPad Air with A7/M7 1GB How can I retrieve my information. Can't reach any of my information now. Place my ask for help because you appsupport loops back to evernote that ....crash Anyone know what to do? Aldo
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