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  1. worble It disables the big square popup with the message "Did you know that you can clip PDFs ..." and the green "Try it out" button. I believe this is the version causing the fuss. I agree with you that the "Show Save to Evernote button on PDF pages" option is not well worded. I still see a subtle and not at all annoying button (pill?) on the bottom right corner of PDF web pages. I installed the Evernote plugin 6.10.1 on Safari 10.0.2 and was also able to make the big square popup go away. Slightly different initial steps, you don't right click on the elephant icon in Saf
  2. @davidalynn Perhaps it's a browser/version issue on PC? I fired up Windows 7 (yeah old, not my main system...) and installed the web clipper extension on Chrome. The option setting instructions worked as on the Mac. Using Web Clipper 10.6.3 running inside Chrome 55.x. I will also note that I have the newish Adobe Acrobat 15.1 plugin and when I browse to a PDF it offers to open it in reader, but also gives me a checkbox right there to disable the feature. I know that Adobe doesn't have a lot of fans but this user experience works the way you expect. Just in case - when I say to right clic
  3. It would help if the forum had a Solved or Answer feature that promoted the solution to the top of the thread, so I wouldn't be so fast to get angry at others. It would also help to remind others of the solution, which is as follows: Right click on the Evernote icon and choose Options. Under General Options you'll see a setting for PDF Page Button. Deselect the check box for Show Save to Evernote button on PDF pages. These steps were for Chrome on a Mac, your mileage may vary. It also wouldn't hurt if Evernote had modified the web clipper popup to include an option to turn the feature off
  4. ++1 on providing an option to remove the web clipper popup. The fact that this issue has been ongoing for such a long time is either: a) a clear failure on the part of Evernote to listen to its customers or b ) a clear failure on the part of customers to abandon Evernote. It appears that solving for a is not practical so as the first step in solving for b I suggest that we simply use our search engine of choice and look for: alternatives to evernote.
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