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  1. I see. Yes, I can use services to take care of the character case thing... Still, it would be nice to have titles automatically conform to title case. As concerns the speech, what I want is to be able to convert text I have written to audible speech. The capability exists as a service for Safari and Pages, but I cannot select it for Evernote.
  2. I would like to take advantage of Apple Services in Evernote. Specifically, I like to sometimes create notes then use Apple Services to convert the note to spoken audio. Currently, while this service is available in many apps, it is not available in Evernote. I would also like to see character conversion capability such that I can choose uppercase, lowercase, Sentence case and Title case. It would also be nice if Evernote would automatically convert titles to title case. Sometimes I create titles, but more often I copy and paste something from the note to the title. Then I have to
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