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  1. I have the same problem, the only thing is that even after removing and reinstalling evernote they still come back. Are there any other solutions to fix this? I use Evernote 10.10.5 on a mac. In the browser those notes do not appear 🤔
  2. Evernote is awesome but I really miss the Markdown support especially when there is a new kid on the block right now. https://www.notion.so looks promising and has Markdown support but still there are some killer features in Evernote. But be aware of other parties because they have some killer features too like Markdown. Will try Notion but would love to stay at Evernote because I am using it almost from the beginning and always loved it. That one feature that makes text editing so much easier inside Evernote and I think I don't need anything else then Evernote ??
  3. Just updated to the new version and the one thing that I really miss is the option to hide recent notes. I never need that option, please let us hide it.
  4. Still no Markdown support? I am waiting for this feature for years right now and today I looked again when this feature will be there but still no sign. It has the most votes, please make it finally happen soon. At the moment there is no real competitor that has this feature but when there is a lot of people will move I think. I don't want to move because I like Evernote but it's hard and I thought about moving multiple times. Make Evernote super duper awesome with Markdown
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