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  1. I had the issue where I couldn't open an encrypted note on the Mac App (Version 6.10) and on the web, but only in the iPhone app. I upgraded to 6.11 Beta for Mac and it solved the issue but I still cannot decrypt the note on the web. I have 2 other encrypted notes and I can decrypt them on all devices, it only affects 1 note. Thanks for any support on this!
  2. Thanks! I didn't find it in my initial search.
  3. I have my notes on my laptop (Mac OS Sierra, EN 6.10) and my phone (iOS 10.2, EN 7.18). I have 2 encrypted notes with the same password and on my laptop I can only open one of them, the other one tells me the passphrase is incorrect. I open that note (that says incorrect passphrase) on the phone and the note is decrypted (having checked 10+ times that it's exactly the same password). Also, the note that I can only open on my phone got duplicated.... How does that get solved??
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