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  1. Thank's, but I would like to use new version with corrected functionality. I mostly use iPad version. It's horrible work from Evernote programmers. What is the reason Evernote has for limiting the size of PDF documents for full functionality? Next I cannot use Find function inside notes.
  2. Hi, how to view inline PDF with size of 20 MB and more? Is it some new functionality? No problem in versions 2 month ago.
  3. Problem is resolved. I see max file size 511MB. Miracle happened...
  4. In this time from Mac OSX with Firefox. Bandwith is OK. We have 1Gbps internet. I tested from Win10(Firefox), iPad Pro iOS 11 Safari. It's some problem with my account on the discussion board, I think.
  5. I cannot send screensot, because limit is 0.01MB. I'm using last version of Mac OSX with Safari or Firefox and Win 10 with Firefox (last).
  6. Thank's. I understand. But if I start new note (no attachment), max total size is 0.01 MB. And note is empty. Mirek
  7. Hi, in time of sharing attachments from Finder and send it to Evernote for Mac, they are created 2 notes. One with attachments and second with same name but only witch text (here 3 attachments): �EN_ATTACHMENT��EN_ATTACHMENT��EN_ATTACHMENT� I have to delete the second note manually. Should you repair it? Thank's M. Fridrich
  8. Hi, I created 2 new topics with 1 attachment (screenshot) in the last month. Today I wanted create new one and available size for attachment is 0.01 MB. Is it here some restriction on total size of attachments from 1 user? I am very disappointed from support of Evernote. Many, many bugs in Evernote for Mac and slow response. And here in discussion board other absurd restrictions. Do you have similar experience?
  9. Hi, I have many PDF documents with URL links. If I click to link, nothink will happen. URL is inactive. I only see this behaviour in Evernote for Mac. Links in Evernote for Win and iOS are active. Should you repair it? Thank's M. Fridrich Sample of PDF with links as attachment communications201806-dl pages 4, 5.pdf
  10. Hi, I don't understand, why client Evernote for Mac lacks Czech localization. Clients for Windows, iOS and web contain Czech localization. Do you have some timeframe for adding Czech localization? Thank's M. Fridrich
  11. Thank;s, but native Evernote application for Mac don't have Czech localization. If I select in Mac OS X system Czech language, Evernote is all the time in english. Why missing Czech localization in Evernote for Mac if all other clients (Win, iOS, web) have it? M. Fridrich
  12. Hi, I cannot find Language settings in Evernote for Mac (last version). I use Evernote for iOS (iPhone, iPad), Evernote for Windows, Evernote web. All with Czech language. Only Mac version is in English. How to change it? Thank's Mirek
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