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  1. I think it is hilarious how all these companies think they can just keep charging what they want for online monthly subscriptions. The great thing is that as a purchaser I have now evaluated who adds value and what I can use effectively to run my business. There will be a massive fall off of these types of services as the big boys close them down with power bundles. Personally it has been cathartic clearing out all the bits and pieces I used to use (Evernote/Dropbox/ToDo/Googledrive/Zoom.... a number of others) to simply have Office 365 as my go to for organisation, email, storage, file management and planning, together with Adobe photo package for my professional needs. I used to use Evernote for convenience of taking notes and having them available across my devices, I now just use OneDrive which is synced across all devices, works well and I would never have gone there if Evernote hadn't made me make a decision by messing with the multiple device farce. So thanks Evernote for your service and direction I still think its a good product but honestly doesn't compare with Office 365 right now. Signing out but may be back at some stage if Office 365 start messing...the beauty of the free market.
  2. Office365 with1Tb Onedrive is a dream.....no longer missing Evernote, i loved it, but became too difficult reconnecting between devices, the cost was too much per month for storage.
  3. Totally short sighted view. The whole purpose of having it is to be able to review my notes from anywhere. I am a photographer and use it to keep track of items. In the field I use my Android phone or Tablet and at home up to 3 pc's. I think I have no alternative than to take this from Evernote and put under notes in OneNote. What a pity as i was just starting to use it more and more. Gareth
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