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  1. every time i want to quit, the following window appears. maybe this helps?
  2. thanks, but didn't make the trick. tried it several times, including reboot, pressing and holding option+shift.
  3. update: now i'm at this point where it stopped working completely, even with File>Export Notes
  4. sorry, didn't express myself clearly. that's the point. "tag:clip" works, but if i search "source:web.clip", it shows only half of my clipped notes. strange...
  5. yeah, exactly. tried it again yesterday after a dozen of failed attempts - and it worked! don't know why, but it only works if i select all of my notes and go to "file">"export notes". doesn't work if i use apple script, where it shows "downloading content" window. having said that i use the backup script of jamie rubin (https://github.com/jamietr1/evernote-backup) and the latest beta version of evernote. nevertheless: thanks!
  6. hey there i tagged all my notes i've ever clipped with "clip". but if i search for "source:web.clip", it doesn't even show half of the content it should. any suggestions? thanks, lino
  7. hey, i fail again and again trying to export all my notes out of evernote (backup). works well to export a few notes (File<Export Notes...), but not my whole library (around 2700 notes without heavy attachments). should be possible to export them all in 30min, shouldn't it? i tried it three times over night (approx. 9h), but didn't work. any ideas? system: both evernote and mac current version
  8. a bit off-topic, but are you able to hide the toolbar and search notes? I tried it with cmd + ctrl + E and didn't work.
  9. thanks again, gazumped. yeah, exactly. i want to have the same format (image, title, link to the webpage, etc.). use it for educational purpose. nowadays, webclipper does check it randomly. p.s: i'm not a big fan of reading pages of comments after comments in youtube;)
  10. ok, thanks. @gazumped: 1. I'm a big believer in simplicity, 2. I have a macbook 11' 3. I don't use titles that often
  11. hi cannot automate clipping with bettertouchtool or keyboardmaestro because the shortcut is only triggerd if pressed for a while (no matter which one i chose). that's an issue, please fix it. thanks, lino
  12. hi does anyone know how to hide description and top comments? sometimes it's checked, sometimes not. oh, this sucks soo much...
  13. heyo anyone knows how to highlight as if someone else would have to read your annotations (screenshot1)? thanks,
  14. hey guys, i seem to be to stupid to mark multiple sections. any help? thanks, lino
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