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  1. Hi OP here I guess it's clear others have the same issue. As Dave-in-Dacatur rightly points out, if it's there, it ought to work! So I've raised a support ticket and linked it to this thread, they'll see it's not just me and the screenshot too (cheers emeerhof!) In the meantime, I don't think there is a lot I can do apart from scrolling to my notebook or filtering for it (+1 evernote for the handy filter on a popup menu!) and choosing the same notebook I actually want it to go in, EVERY TIME. Thanks!
  2. Hi One of the most common things I do on Evernote on Android is to share a PDF to Evernote from another application and then select the notebook it should go into before finally saving it Now, when selecting a notebook, you have 3 'recent notebooks' listed at the top of the list... I have never seen these update themselves to the 2 notebooks I actually use. I've waited over 6 months and nothing seems to shift 1. How do Evernote exactly record my 'recent' notebooks, as it's certainly not counting me saving a new note to notebook I select from a list 2. Is there any way to reset the 'recent' notebooks' or display my shortcut notebooks instead (the latter would be far more useful for me) Thanks Em
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