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  1. My question about what you had installed on your Mac was because on my Mac I currently have only the Web platform and cannot find anything called "About Evernote". I assumed that only had I downloaded the Evernote program to my Mac would I have an "About Evernote" icon. jsrobbins
  2. Am I correct that you have the Evernote Program installed on your Mac (and not the Evernote Web)?
  3. Thank you DTLow for your reply. Can you tell me where on each platform the copies are kept? jsrobbins
  4. Thank you very much "gazumped"! Your answer makes sense. I often find that the high altitude view of software functioning is left off from all the descriptions of virtues by the software makers. I like to have a "bird's eye view" of the architecture so I can navigate more thoughtfully. Your answer also raises the "...whole other story...". My next question (of course). I would like to keep a copy of my Notebooks and Notes locally (in addition to the cloud). It seems safer. Is there a way to set up my account so a local copy of my Notebooks and Notes is saved (and sync'd)? jsrobbins
  5. I have a beginner question the answer to which I seem unable to find. So, I am posting it here. I have set up an account with Evernote. I have installed the Evernote program on my Windows 10 computer and opened a Notebook and added some notes. I also use a MacBookPro and want to be able to see my notebooks and notes and add/edit notes from the Mac. As I understand it, Evernote is, basically, a "cloud" program with synchronization. On my Mac, I seem able to log into something called "Evernote Web" (https://www.evernote.com/Home.action#n=....) via my Firefox browser. I can see my "Windows" Notebook and my notes and can edit them on the Mac. My question is "To use Evernote and sync with my Windows copy, am I supposed to download and install a full copy of Evernote program (intended for the Mac OS)? Or, to put it another way, what is the purpose of the "Evernote Web browser page". Am I supposed to install the Evernote Program on only one computer and use the "Evernote Web Browser page" on all other computers with which I want to sync materials? Could I not use the Evernote Web Browser for all computers? I am confused as to how to set up the two computers to sync with the Evernote program. Many thanks. jsrobbins
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