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  1. Come on. Am I the only German speaking evernote user or the only one who experiences the issue?
  2. Can anyone also confirm this? I can figure that everyone is affected by this. Even those who do not use much upper case letters in their language (ie English), everything being lower case must be an issue for you as well? Any fixes? Any complaints other than me?
  3. This has been an issue for at least a month now! I have filed a bug report. They said they are working on it. However the newest update did not fix it. Seriously!? I am paying as a premium user and am getting Alpha stage software! I am getting irritated. Search queries show no Umlauts and no capitals anymore. Guess how silly some search queries read: Just imagine I would have a note that reads: "Die Geräteüberhitzung überwältigte den Schädlingsbekämpfer" It will turn to this: "Die gerateuberhitzung uberwaltigte den schadlingsbekampfer" Like: "WTF?!" For what do I even have a serach function?! Since my main language is German this is kind of a pain to read and needles to say: makes Evernote look like Alpha software. Also: Tags and Umlauts is a real pain. Say I have a tag that is named "Börse" and I want to create a tag that is named "Boss" in the note I am creating. I type in "Bo..." and as soon as I hit the "o" the text will turn to "Bö..." making it impossible for me to put in the tag.
  4. Am I the only one experiencing this? Can anybody help me?! All my new clips clipped with chrome have this. Especially if they are youtube videos.
  5. Anyone? This is not a single exception. There are lots of notes with squished images like that.
  6. Evn Web shows it normally. Rebooting does not fix it. But if I double click on the border of the picture it resizes to the correct size. Much like in excel. But I can't do this for all of my notes! Any other suggestions?
  7. Most of my notes look like that. Is there a way to fix this for all my notes?
  8. I tried nested tags today and it turns out it kind of messed up my tags. Interesting about it is that it if I highlight a tag the double tag will be highlighted in grey. How can I fix this?
  9. I am experiencing this too. Both on Windows and Mac. Pretty frustrating
  10. For me it was the other way around. I find onenotes webclipper annoying. It screenshots whole pages. One can not manipulate the content it grabs. You can not easily subtract text from it. Adding your own notes is a pain. Clipping just bookmarks is simply not an option. The syncing speed (at least in my country) as a pain. Evernote is breezing fast and just does what I want it to do in most cases. Onenote's versions for Mac, ios and windows vary so intensively. Evernote's clients do too, BUT: Onenote for mac simply lacks basic functionality that its windows counterpart has. Try to manipulate notebook colors for example. I had to seriously run onenote for windows in a virtual machine to be able to do that. A serious no-go for me. I must say though that Evernotes insistance on unique notebook names was a reason for me to move from evernote to onenote. It just locks you in, if you are not a tag guy. Also different colors for different notebooks in onenote is a sure plus compared to evernote. Now that I have come to value tags more, I have made the shift back to Evernote again. Why? Because Evernote is fast, it's clipper is wonderful and hahaha, now it comes: tagging is just awesome! Onenote lacks tags at all. Why did I feel the need to tell you that? Just wanted to let you know my experience. Maybe you will find onenote as painful as I did, using it for a longer period of time. I'd like to hear about your thoughts. Fijordan
  11. Hi support team. When trying to clip a screenshot from a google maps page I get a black shot. (Screenshotting it with the built in MacOS screenshot function works like a charm though.) Clipping it in article mode results in a garbled grab.
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