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  1. wow - thanks a mile !... this helps a lot already ! (still - it would be great to have it implemented, as it just seems so natural to try to do that.)
  2. Hey there - apart from loving everything there is so far - I'd love to see tthe possibility to drag&drop notes (eg. from the secondary column) into any other note by creating an internal or (proper perma- ) hyperlink to the note,... so I can make shortcuts to different To-Dos for different projects (notes or notebooks) )and funnel them into another note. It actually works when you drag & drop a note into "itself" - the same note only tho,...... however - it would be killa to implement a short "mouse-down" and make the notes "drag & droppable" into other "notes",....... hope you get what I am trying to get across anyhow,.... U RULE !
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