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  1. Good news! Your suggestion of doing a reinstall on the phone fixed the problem! All my notes loaded almost immediately! Looks like problem solved. Thanks again for your advice!
  2. Thank you for your reply. I have followed your suggestions, but unfortunately, I am continuing to have problems. All my notes are showing up on the web version at evernote.com and on my desktop, so they are there, but still only a few recent ones are showing on my phone. After trying quitting and restarting the app on both platforms, which did nothing, I logged out and back in on the phone, which did nothing, and then on the desktop, which resulted in a THREE HOUR SYNC on the phone. I was hopeful about this, but also mystified, as all my notes are just text, with a few small pictures. There's not huge amounts of data. (I did a bit of typing on the desktop app while this was going on; I hope I did not confuse the system in the middle of the sync) When the phone stopped syncing, however, it still only showed the same 13 notes it had shown before. So I have no idea what was going on for those three hours. Again logging out/back in did not do anything. Restarting the phone did nothing. Getting this setting up is taking a huge amount of time and I have no idea what is going on. (I'm not sure what you meant by "your desktop database may have required an upgrade to a newer version, and you may still have to wait a short while for this to complete." The above experience suggests some processes with this service can be very slow, but I have no idea what to expect in terms of lags/waits) As for contacting support, I am not on Twitter and have just a Basic account, which is all I need/want, and so it seems there is no way to interact with support besides spending money to "upgrade" this product which is not working. It's kind of exasperating. Any other thoughts about things I can try myself? Thanks again for your advice.
  3. I am having a weird and obscure problem with Evernote on a new iPhone syncing properly to my account. The situation: a few days ago I upgraded the OS on my desktop Mac to El Capitan before activating the new phone. The computer had been running Evernote 5.1.1 and things worked fine in the old OS syncing with my old iPhone. This older version of Evernote also worked fine with El Capitan, and the old iPhone still synced properly. So far so good. Next, I activated the new phone with the latest Evernote on it, 7.18.1. The Evernote app on the phone was working, but only loading a few of my more than 600 notes. (For the first couple of days the phone did not have cell service, and I was doing everything over wifi; the problem persisted subsequently with either wifi or cell service.) After a while I noticed that the notes which were syncing to the new phone were all notes which had had changes made subsequent to the El Capitan install on the desktop; if I modified an old note, it would now sync. Next, I upgraded the desktop version of Evernote to the current one, 6.10: same thing, only recently modified notes sync to the phone. All my notes are there on Evernote Web. My account settings show that only two devices are active in my Basic account, and in any case the new phone sort of works, it's just not loading everything, so it's not being blocked (the old phone is off; if I turn it on, it syncs properly with the new desktop Evernote). I don't know what is causing this problem. I don't think it is too many devices. I have tried rebooting everything, syncing manually, everything I can think of. I was going to try trashing the .plist file on the desktop, but I can't find anything like that, and I'm not even sure the desktop version is the culprit. I can't figure out where the problem is localized. Advice would be appreciated!
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