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  1. Thanks Gaz and Phils. As it turns out, we do have (and our team is using) a business account. Also, we're using Windows and no, we're not 100% mobile. I'm going to review the links that Gaz has shared and do some more research. I think we jumped in before we really had a clue about the differences between Business and Personal.
  2. Well, actually......I had thought we had signed up for Evernote Business. Perhaps I'm missing something....Since we are paying a fee for Evernote, maybe we are using Business, but are unaware as to how to be more effective. Any suggestions?
  3. Coming from a windows networking world, I thought that in Evernote, I'd simply be able to create a notebook\sub-notebook structure, give people permissions and this would replicate to the others users on our team. Not the case.....It appears that once you create a notebook, you have to go through several steps in order for the other users to be able to see the notebook in there tree. I've used Evernote personally and have loved it, but the option for sharing information isn't very user friendly. Am I missing something? In our case, each of the team (there's 6 of us) has a product(s) that we're the lead on, so we'll have a variety of information like tech notes or procedures that we'd like to be able to share with the rest of the folks. Is there a recommended or better way to share this data? Thanks, Chris
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