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  1. Hi jbenson2 Thanks, that's a great shortcut, pity it is not listed next to "Add Tag...) or in the pulldown menus.
  2. Dear Evernote Developers Feature Request: Could you add a "+" button next to the three little arrows to add another TAG? Reason: Everybody has to click twice to add each extra TAGs to the note and this takes a lot of extra time. By adding the "+" button next to the three little arrows to add another TAG it eliminates the need to open the pulldown to access the "Add Tag..." button. Thanks
  3. I've seen the same thing and even logged an enhancement request here: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/110881-recent-notebooks-needs-to-update-more-effectively/?do=findComment&comment=489415
  4. Dear All, The secretweapon has moved domain and is now located at https://thesecretweapon.tools/ Enjoy the videos Jonathan
  5. Dear Devs On the iPhone, could we add a "recently used TAG" list when adding a TAG to a note? This would be very useful, by not having to type something to find the TAG it saves effort and by not having to tap the "+" and scrolling to find the tag it will save time. Here is a screenshot of the area I am suggesting the "recently used TAG's" would be added: https://thesecretweapon.tools/temp/20171229-recently-used-tags-location.JPG
  6. Dear Devs On the iPhone, I have noticed that "Recent Notebooks" area's do not represent the recent notebooks that have been used. Could the "Recent Notebooks" in "Move Note" area and the "Notes" tab be enhanced to update more effectively? Here is a screenshot of the "Move Note" area I am talking about: https://thesecretweapon.tools/temp/20171229-recent-notebooks-needs-to-update-more-effectively-move-note.JPG Here is a screenshot of the "Notes" tab area I am talking about: https://thesecretweapon.tools/temp/20171229-recent-notebooks-needs-to-update-more-effectively-notes-tab.JPG
  7. On the iPhone, the "Close" and "Add Tag" buttons on "Note Details" page are so close together that I frequently hit the "Add Tag" button again instead of the intended "Close" the details window. Here is a screenshot of what I am talking about: https://thesecretweapon.tools/temp/20171229-evernote-move-buttons-further-apart.JPG
  8. Receipt-bank, IQboxy, Me and a host of other services might have a different opinion
  9. We all need to process our expenses in addition to storing them otherwise there is little point to keeping them, whether personal or work related. *** Right now Zapier is able to send a note to Xero and Quickbooks (including others) to process *** This would be very useful and a great timer saver if Evernote just went one step further to store the data.
  10. Scannable is a great App! I use it all the time myself.
  11. Thanks DTLow, I'm looking for automation and workflow functionality, which is not reliant on my equipment and particularly reliant on me. There are so many more interesting things to be done.
  12. Great question csihilling; to send the data to quickbooks or Xero. This data has to be captured for accounting and matched to bank statements. I'm using IQboxy to do this and EN is losing out and losing my favour as they are not innovating anything particularly useful to me.
  13. Have a look at Hubdoc for expenses. In addition, you can also forward expenses automatically using zapier
  14. DTLow, Storage is easy, indexing and search are very important but EN is not going to survive if they don't evolve. Im looking to simplify admin and increase productivity, accounting software has inbox rules and intelligence, it's a natural evolution step and yet Evernote has not taken it in all the years they have had the market. Hubdoc.com is one to watch as it has just secured another $4.5mil Spreadsheeting has been over for a long time, have a look at IQBoxy or receipt-bank. This saves so much time and costs minimal. I would also look into Bank feeds if I were you, they are amazing and cut out all the effort of CSV's.
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